Scientific center of applied kineziologii and reducing medicine
  • We is utilized integral approach to the man - it is examined the unity of body, biochemical and emotional processes.
  • We select individual treatment, associating with the organism with the aid of the manual'nogo muscular test, takeing into account the results of the carried out complex inspection (laboratory analyses, MRT, computer laminography, roentgen, etc.), optimizing the methods of treatment (drug action, manual'naya therapy, visceral of therapy, acupuncture, etc.), this is allowed more effective, to most accurately conduct action on the human organism and to exclude side effects.
  • We remove the reason for disease (structural, chemical, emotional), but we do not attempt to muffle (to choke) unpleasant pains. We love symptoms, they indicate the problem.
  • In the center work the qualified doctors of different specialties, united under concept applied Kineziologii. You not will "run on the doctors and the offices". Entire necessary diagnostics and treatment conducts one doctor. If necessary complex patient will always obtain the consultation of head physician or professor.
  • Using methods of applied kineziologii, we can on the symptom of disease leave to its reason. Let us determine with the aid of the manual'nogo muscular test and let us leave to other problems of organism, about which you even did not surmise, and let us remove them. Pain - this is the universal reaction of organism to the disturbances, already proceeding in the tele-, in the organs. Our task - to find the reason for pain, but not to suppress its consequence.
  • An improvement in the health begins after the first visit of doctor even in the most complex cases.
  • We will help in any event, since we is utilized the reserves of organism, presented to us by nature.
  • It is in more detail...

    APPLIED OF KINEZIOLOGIYA - this is the tool of biological feedback with the organism

    Why muscles do react to all disturbances of organism, and as this does occur? When you read this book, you sit or you cost. But do know you, as you sit, or as you you cost, as you hold head, are raised or omitted in you arms, the straight or bent back.


    It occurs, you about this do not think, but someone governs your carriage, someone forces your head to be held directly or with the small inclination, to spin to hold directly or its polusognuv, arms to hold by those raised or those omitted.

    If not you regulate this by your consciousness, then due to what this regulation occurs. Why in one patient head is slightly inclined, when it does look forward, and in another it is elongated forward, why in the third are weakened muscles of stomach, and it is not possible to remove this weakening of muscles by any exercises, and the fourth person on the spine does have himself functional scoliosis?

    It is in more detail...


    Painful muscular syndromes one of the most frequent complaints from the side of patients. In the last 20 years vigorously developed the manual'naya therapy, which found the shortened unhealthy muscles, produced their weakening and tension, removed the limitation of the mobility of vertebral- engine segments. But you will look all around, in recent years of patients with the painful muscular syndromes it became more.

    If medicine does go by successful steps forward, improving diagnostics and drug treatment, however, the fact that does make possible for patients to even more suffer from the painful muscular syndromes?

    It is in more detail...