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Manual'noye muscular testing or the method to learn, what treatment to you is necessary

Medicine relates to those branches of the practical-scientific activity, in which any person, any specialties feel themselves by professional.

But why?

To really dispose human organism more easily than to dispose violin. If man is not trained the violin, then he never will undertake to tune it. But indeed the human organism is much more complex, why we with this ease are decided to participate in the process of treatment and simple not to participate, but to tie to organism our treatment, only on the ground, whereas that to another person s do conceal by the diagnosis of disease it it did approach?

Question one, and answers is many....

How much exists specialists, so many there exists the methods of treatment.

This is connected with the fact that, until now there did not exist the clinical method of biological feedback with the organism. And therefore treatment was assigned the trial-and-error method.

Testing on animals and volunteers with the similar clinical manifestations was conducted. Several days tried to use one drugs and awaited, it did not help - another drugs was used.

The different version assigned is somewhat it was specific treatment simultaneously, perhaps, what - nibud' of them will help. And, frequently, patient was carried out the large part of the time in the searches for the effective for itself method of treatment. Each new specialist completely sincerely asserted that precisely his method of treating a similar disease was extremely effective. It gave examples of other patients, in whom its methods of treatment were effective.

But why, one patient the method of treatment helps, but not only it is not useful to another, but it is simply harmful. Answer is simple, because this is another patient, in by other reason for the data by diseases, in by another sensitivity to this method of treatment.

Frequently when you read the advertisement of any of method or means of the treatment, where are given the averaged recommendations regarding the application, you recall about the plans of sewing foot-wear for the country, where average size of female foot-wear was counted 37-1), it were obtained with the aid of storing 39 and eshch-gorazmerov) and by all it was proposed to bear it precisely.

But indeed, buying even the most beautiful foot-wear, which wonderfully approached to neighbor, you first try it fitting before purchasing. But as by medicine, if it someone helped, perhaps this is occasion very to assume it inward.

"yes", you say: "indeed there is no method to fit medicine to its organism", you make mistakes - there is!!!!. And this is the method of applied kineziologii.

That to understand the essence of this direction, it is necessary to change the stereotype of thinking and approach to the disease. How the old method of thinking plokh?

That the disease is considered as the result of the aggression of environment, it is the source of the pain, travmiruyushchey nervous system and compulsorily k it grivedet to the loss of organism.

Like everything is correct and, at the same time - it is incorrect. Why?

More than 100 years of Prof. OF N.I. Bernstein it revealed, that very reduction of muscle ambiguously, and to the force of its reduction in many respects depends on the tone of muscle (i.e. the readiness of muscle for the reduction).

How much there was medicine, so many doctors were interested in muscular tone.

It was evaluated with the palpation of muscle, was measured the volume of extremity in the diameter. Simultaneously was analyzed the excitability of muscle with the aid of the neurologic hammer. With its impact on tendon or abdomen of muscle appeared the involuntary motion in the extremity, which does not depend on the desire of patient. However, to connect for their together doctors it was possible only with the appearance of a new diagnostic method of muscular testing into 1962g V OF THE USA.

Muscular testing as the play version

This method widely is used in the form of play version.

For example, when you attempt with the friend it will be measured by force. For this you assume the initial position of the hands: you bend hands in the elbow joints, seize the palm of each other and attempt to subdue enemy. From the side appears the sensation, that there is no motion whatever, but you that feel, as force precisely in this "fixed" state of muscles it increases!! This growth of force, which you feel, is called the excitability of muscle in response to the constant load. Specifically, this strengthening of muscle occurs, when you assume vertical position, and muscles retain you in this state. Further you attempt to extend muscle of enemy, exerting to it pressure, but in each of you only it is strengthened the force of muscle that that you now make, it is called the reflex of muscle to the tension. Muscle experiences this state, retaining you from the drop in the vertical position.

And that of you, in whom the reflex to the tension is activated more rapidly (in whom the muscle proves to be more excited) he occurs by conqueror.

And, which is amazing, by conqueror does not always occur strong person with the pumped muscles, but frequently shchuplovatyy to the form person. But why??? Why it does conquer? Because in the maintenance of the force of the reduction of fixed muscle completely different laws play, (than those, which are used by muscle with the fulfillment of thrust or impact) and they do not depend on will and desire of man, but on something other. And if these mechanisms are not activated, muscle is not included in the maintenance of statics and the execution of motion.

Clinical procedure of muscular testing.

Doctor conducts a study of the muscles, which were not included in the maintenance of statics. As he makes. He requests patient to reduce the muscle against the resistance of his hand being investigated. By this is produced the reduction of muscle the same as the reduction, which appears in the muscle with the maintenance of the vertical position of body. (reduction without the motion produced). Specifically, under the conditions of this reduction, without a change in the length of muscle, excitability grows. Further doctor requests patient to strengthen the reduction of muscle against the resistance of his own hand. (imitation of gravitational tension, which muscle experiences, supporting the body of patient in the vertical position).

As it is described, above under these conditions is activated reflex to the tension and in the muscle (within the standard) sharply grows the force of its reduction, because of which is supported the vertical position of body. But if muscle has a reduction in the tone, then it is not strengthened in response to the gravitational load, but only it is extended. This evaluates doctor. If we - patient succeeds himself in this making in response to the request - strengthen resistance, then muscle is strong. But if the efforts of patient are vain, then in the extremity being investigated appears tremor, appears pain in other muscles because of their overload, which compensatory are included in motion - means muscle it is hypo-excitable and weakened. To it pulses of excitation do not be sufficient. And the purpose of doctor - to find the source of this scarcity and him to remove. For this there are different procedures of the irritation of those zones, from where pulses must enter to the badly excitable muscle.

Thus, using a method of manual'nogo muscular testing it is possible to conduct verifying tests for the reaction of nervous system to the proposed treatment. If in the process of provocation the excitability of muscle is restored - the treatment will be effective, if no, then this method of treatment to use in diurnal patient will be unsuccessful.