"KINEZIOLOGIYA" the diagnostic and treating and rehabilitative center


The human organism is capable of autoreduction and self-healing. Then why man constantly does be ill?

Truly all diseases appear as a result of the disturbance of nervous system.

From these positions applied of kineziologiya - method of restoring the correct reaction of nervous system.

Because it possesses the possibility to estimate the state of the peripheral component of nervous system (excitability of reflex to the tension of separate skeletal muscle) and to reveal and to remove the reasons for the failure of the reaction of nervous system to the irritation.

Applied of kineziologiya - method of activating the processes to autoreduction and to self-healing restoration.

Because under the conditions for the clear work of nervous system organism can rapidly react to the irritation of receptors and send order to the skeletal muscles and other systems (respiratory, vascular, endocrine).

Applied of kineziologiya - method of restoring the health by the briefest way.

Because there is the possibility to evaluate any action on the organism from the position of biological feedback with the organism