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New approaches in the use of kinezioterapii from the position of applied kineziologii

Kineziologiya - these are diagnostics of the reasons for the formation of the disturbance of the carried out motion by means of the evaluation of the reflector excitability of each skeletal muscle and the selection of the methods of treating (on the basis of biological feedback) of motion itself, correctness of its fulfillment.

Kinezioterapiya - this is the treatment of other illnesses by repeated fulfillment of one and the same motion, with the burdening by load, overcoming the appearing pains. It is based on that assumption that many illnesses arose from the low-mobility means of life; therefore in this case better treatment - this motion.

This is actually correct and frequently successful approach to the restoration of health, but only when most carried out motion is not disrupted, i.e., with its fulfillment there is no failure in the correct sequence of the start of muscles in the carried out motion. But if this sequence is disrupted, then with the fulfillment of motion appear not load, but overload of the places of the fastening of muscles to the joints of spine and extremities, their mixing with the traumatization of intervertebral disk and intra-articular elements with the subsequent strengthening of painful syndrome. Specifically, such patients after conducting of kinezioterapii enter the surgical treatment. Not one driver will begin to be gathered into the journey in the machine, until the correctness of the work of its mechanisms verifies.

However, so that to forego kinezioterapii.?

No in no case!!!

Necessary to only preliminarily verify correctly motion is carried out, and if no, then before the the kinezioterapey to restore the excitability of muscles just as driver first carries out the preventive inspection of machine. As to verify the correctness of the start of muscles - it is necessary to turn to the specialist in applied kineziologii. It will estimate the excitability of reflex to the tension of each muscle, which carries out the specific motion, and if the disturbance of excitability of one of the muscles implicated in the process of motion finds, then it will help to restore it.


Thus, kinezioterapevt, which manages applied kineziologiyey, produces diagnostics of the functional state of muscles, if reduction in the activity of reflex to the tension of muscle is revealed, then patient is sent to the doctor, if the activity of reflex to the tension of muscle is preserved, then are selected the corresponding kinezioterapevticheskiye exercises.

Only in this case of kinezioterapiya it will actually strengthen the health of patient, but not destroy finally his mechanisms of compensation. Kineziologiya and kinezioterapiya - these are the different stages of the rehabilitation of muscular- skeletal system.

MAIN THING / About THE METHOD/ New in medicine