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Applied of kineziologiya - the method of treatment is stress and the emotional disturbances

"wise person must understand, that health - this the most valuable of the fact that he has, and to learn to manage the diseases by the force of its own judgments".

Daily problems and swagger - the major situations of local importance not only deprive us sincere rest, but also are capable of substantially doing harm to our health. Numerous studies testify that the emotions, such as nervous tension, fear, horror, the anxiety, agitation, anger, malice, fury, hatred, increase in our organism the production of the hormones of stress - adrenaline and hydrocortisone.

But if stress takes the chronic form, then the increased quantity of these hormones is present in our blood constantly!!! Then literally all cells of our organism live under pressingom of the hormones of stress! Is reduced the level of vital energy!!! Any illness is conceived in the form of problem at the energy level, this problem can exist many years before the manifestation in the form of physical disease. The total reduction in the vital energy of body brings to energy unbalance in its different sections. "all diseases from the nerves!" - in this "nonmedical" assertion there is a portion of "medical" truth.

Our medical books and popular literature, and also telecasts are filled the descriptions of symptoms and reasons for different diseases.

1. Osteochondrosis of spine, pain in the spin, the pain in the back, the pain between blades, headaches, pain in the neck division of spine! But how many sufferings bring "those pulling, that chew", is now and then intolerably sharp pains in the joints! For years being lasted pains in the humeral or hip joints - and as result - arthroses!

In what reason?

In the organism of the human, subjected to chronic stress some groups of muscles involuntary strain themselves, consequently another group of muscles appears by functional weakness! This - that causes pain in the stressed muscles of those connected with the joints! But this terrible illness as arthrosis of joints is developed with this prolonged state in the consequence!

2. Headache.

In what reason?

- as has already been mentioned above, in the state of stress, in nervous tension we involuntary strain muscles of neck, and this frequently causes headache.
- agitation provokes the disturbance of the process of respiration, what leads to the spasm of heap - abdominal diaphragm and to oxygen starvation of the brain!
- when we be nervous, organism produces less than the anaesthetizing substances, so-called neyrotransmiterov, and then any pain we perceive much more strongly than she in reality there is.

3. Frequent colds.

In what reason?

- with the chronic stress begin to be manufactured the special proteins, which by their nature are called to conquer viruses. But if any viruses at the given moment you do not have, then energy of the molecules of this substance remains uncalled-for and is sent entirely for other side: it begins to irritate mucosa of nasopharynx. This is why the tightened conflict in the family or on the work can be wrapped up by the symptoms of a strong cold, and in the course of time will be joined to the prepared soil and the bacteria, and viruses, and caps - with this prolonged state in the consequence are developed chronic bronchial - pulmonary diseases or the chronic diseases of nasopharynx.

4. Skin inflammations.

In what reason?

Our organism is so arranged, which the stress answers the production of different substances, which in the normal state it does not produce. These are - neuropeptides, which cause the swelling-up of the skin and itch. But indeed precisely this can become prerequisite for the appearance of eczema, psoriasis or hives, and also nervous tension entails the hormonal changes, which lead to seborrhea, to the formation of blackheads and komedonov, to baldness (allopetsiya).

5. Problems of digestion.

In what reason?

By gastro - the intestinal tract of man in a quantity of nerve ends does not be inferior to spinal cord. This is why this part of the organism especially sharply reacts to the attack of the hormones of stress (adrenaline and hydrocortisone) and gives failure. As a result strong experience turns around for you by diarrhea or bolts.

What to make?

They appeared in recent years and new preparations continue to appear, the new procedures of treatment, but unfortunately chronic patients it does not diminish! Sick people sometimes independently attempt to find way out from the prevailing unhealthy situation, since tiredness to walk through the numerous offices and the medical centers in the searches for lightening its sufferings. And if where - that is succeeded in at least percentages to 50 by %-60% changing situation to the best side - this already they count for the happiness! Even in spite of the fact that the disease returns after what the time!

Any illness begins from reduction in the vital energy!

If this of reduction in the vital energy continues long time or occurs sufficiently rapidly, then what - that the organ (or organs) of body will become target for the disease. Here then begin pains in the spin, the pain in the back, the pain between blades, headaches, pains in the neck division of spine, "which pull, which chew", is now and then intolerably sharp pains in the joints, osteochondrosis of spine, arthritis and arthroses of small and large joints, etc. - poor health, life without happiness - so the depression to reach is not far!

Any illness is conceived in the form of problem at the energy level, this problem can exist many years before the manifestation in the form of physical disease. The total reduction in the vital energy of body brings to energy unbalance in its different sections.

When we see by total energy and lives of person, who goes along the street, or the sufficiently smiling herself person, we involuntarily turn around and with the surprise look at it as to the rare phenomenon! But indeed the same normal state! Is obtained everything vice versa - to walk lifeless, after stooping, not to smile, to be ill and always to be located in the process of treatment the long time (but not in the process of the preventive measures, which support health!), to die from the chronic degenerate processes, to suffer from be ill in the spin, in the back, from be ill between blades, head be ill, in the neck division of spine, is now and then intolerably sharp be ill in the humeral joints, in the hip joints, from be ill, caused by arthritis or arthrosis and so forth the majority of men fears, that sooner or later in them will occur the heart attack, owing to those devised it is insurance (either physical or mental overload) it will arise impotence. But also majority of us fears to fall ill with cancer or another heavy, that not cured by disease! But if it will be possible to avoid these terrible diagnoses, then nevertheless they fear at the elderly age to become the victim of arthritis or arthrosis, diabetes, hypertonia, blindness or mental disorder!

Today preventive maintenance, unfortunately, is, as a rule, second!

They are turned to the doctors only after the happened already heart attack in order to avoid the second and however, so forth that to make? How it is possible more accurately to diagnose disease? Stress?

How to study primary preventive maintenance in order to live without being ill?

With the primary preventive maintenance the problem has already been located on the energy level, but still be absent pathologic changes in the organs - and this means that still it is possible to avoid disease and to restore energy unbalance!

However, what to make if the disease already did appear?

There is a method of diagnostics of diseases, it is stress, all possible insurance and so forth. - this of the procedure of applied Kineziologii - this and preventive approach to the diseases (when disease yet did not appear) and therapeutic approach (individual approach to each person). The reasons for diseases much, but in each person there was its problem, with which began the disease.

How to determine this problem?

This problem is determined by vrachimi - specialists, who manage the procedures of applied Kineziologii - that makes it possible in time to diagnose the disease or energy unbalance.

In applied Kineziologii is postulated the unity of emotional, chemical, structural, energy disturbances with any illnesses.

In each specific case these disturbances are revealed with the aid of the muscular testing. The interrelations of muscles with the internal organs, the vertebrae, the energy meridians are used (channels). Doctor finds that disfunction, elimination, by which he will lead to the recovery of entire organism, not the treatment of separate symptoms.

(muscular testing - these are the answer of the nervous system of patient to any action of doctor or preparation, i.e., the tool of feedback with the organism!).

    The treatment respectively is assigned:
  1. By preparations (allopathic or homeopathic means), with the application of diagnostics employing the procedures of applied Kineziologii. (muscular testing).
  2. Treatment by acupuncture (levelling off of energy unbalance, removal it is stress, the treatment of emotional problems), with the application of diagnostics employing the procedures of applied Kineziologii. (muscular testing).
  3. Treatment by the methods of manual'noy therapy and by the methods of osteopatii with the application of diagnostics employing the procedures of applied kineziologii. (muscular testing).

But are such the symptoms of health?

It can be people simply they do not know or they did forget that it does mean to be healthy person?

From what does begin the disease? How to recognize the beginning of disease? That to make so that osteochondrosis of spine, pain in the spin, the pain in the back, the pain between blades, the headaches, the pains in the neck division of spine, "which pull, which chew", is now and then intolerably sharp pains in the joints and to t.d.ne would return, but better not at all they appeared!

This state when man lives in the accordion with nature, it is harmonious and perfect in its nature, tele- and to soul, in the relations with another person and god! Here then it is possible to say that man lives in the health status!

In this state simple motion - happiness, pleasure!

Man simply shines from within and outside, it pure, solid, is strong, zhizneradosten. Fascination spills on face, eye, irridescent shell, proteins - emit happiness and surprising transparency! Pleasure to breathe and to see! All previous pleasures - drink, coffee, stimulyanty, medicines, late hours, luxury - become annoying sleep, begins awakening - everything becomes in its places, acquires integrity and brings happiness!

Functional weakening of muscle as the indicator of the disfunction of emotional and meridian system. As is known (S.Smidt, 1936), the disfunction of emotional and meridian system is accompanied by the functional weakening of the specific group of muscles (see diagram 2.5).

Diagram 2.5

Functional interrelations between the localization of the slack muscle and the disfunction of the specific meridian.

Muscle Meridian
Podlopatochnaya Hearts
Coracohumeral, front toothed, deltoid, that raises the blade Lungs
Popliteal muscle Gall bladder
The clavicular portion of large breast, two-headed of arm, the flexors of neck, the extensors of neck, breast bone-clavicular- mammiform, masticatory, front stairs, muscle, which contradicts is little finger, the pronator the round and square forearms Stomach
Widest muscle of back, the average and lower portion of trapeziform muscle, the triceps of the arm Spleens
Upper portion of the trapeziform muscle Kidneys
Sternal portion of large breast muscle, diamond-shaped Livers
Tailoring, flounder-shaped, gastrocnemius, ordered, pear-shaped, the adductors of thigh, the large buttock, rear tibial Pericardium
Quadriceps muscle of thigh, straight muscles of the stomach Small intestine
Lumbar- iliac Kidneys
Square muscle of back, the extensors of thigh, the muscle, which strains wide fascia of the thigh Tolstoy the gut
Large round Rear middle meridian
Small round muscle, infraspinous Triple heater
Supraspinous Front middle meridian
Fibular long and short, front tibial The bladder

Diagram of diagnostics.

Testing. The initial functional weakness of the muscle, associated with the meridian (see diagram 2.5) is revealed.

Therapeutic localization on the points of anxiety (heralds), ris.2.22, removes the functional weakness of the associated muscle and causes the weakness of strong indicator muscle.

Correction. Elimination of meridian unbalance with the aid of the methods of acupuncture, mechanical irritation of the toning up or sedative points of the corresponding meridians. In this case the selection of point for the rendering of action also is conducted with the use of therapeutic localization. If to patient it is necessary to activate the meridian, then therapeutic localization of the hand of patient on the toning up point will strengthen the associated muscle. If to patient it is necessary to sedirovat' the meridian, then positive therapeutic localization will be on the sedative point.

In the text are given only the basic reasons, which can be removed with the aid of the methods of manual'noy therapy and acupuncture.

Fig. 2.22. the Point- anxiety (heralds) of the meridian system:
1. meridian of pericardium,
2. meridian of lungs,
3. meridian of heart,
4. meridian of the liver,
5. meridian of stomach,
6. meridian of gall bladder,
7. meridian of spleen,
8. meridian of thick bowels,
9. meridian of kidneys,
10. meridian of small intestine,
11. meridian of triple heater,
12. meridian of the bladder.

MAIN THING / About THE METHOD/ New in medicine