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Painful muscular syndromes one of the most frequent complaints from the side of patients. In the last 20 years vigorously developed the manual'naya therapy, which found the shortened unhealthy muscles, produced their weakening and tension, removed the limitation of the mobility of vertebral- engine segments. But you will look all around, in recent years of patients with the painful muscular syndromes it became more.

If medicine does go by successful steps forward, improving diagnostics and drug treatment, however, the fact that does make possible for patients to even more suffer from the painful muscular syndromes?

For the answer to this question it is necessary to find the reason for their appearance. But this so not that is simple. Since many errors wrap painful muscular syndromes as by the cobweb, through which to doctor it is difficult to select.


Existed for a long time the opinion that painful muscular syndromes the consequence of osteochondrosis of spine. Osteochondrosis as degenerate disease, or aging of spine, leads to the fact that the position of vertebrae is disrupted, intervertebral nerves are compressed and painful syndrome is caused; therefore treatment must be directed toward the elimination of bone growths, an increase in the height of intervertebral disk.

THIS assumption not is well-off because

Osteochondrosis, as aging spine, yearly progress, and painful syndromes appear predominantly in young and even children, and to the old age in the stage of the stormy bloom of osteochondrosis, painful syndromes disappear. But is important the fact itself that the painful syndromes first appear, then they disappear, and osteochondrosis only progresses.


Painful syndromes are connected with vertical walking erect of man; therefore it is doomed to pay with painful syndromes for the static overload of muscles.

THIS assumption not is well-off because

are very well known many patients, whose painful syndromes appear in the horizontal position, in the night time.

True reason:

Painful syndromes vertical position appear only then. when patient is situated in the stationary drop as pizanskaya tower, and it is forced by other divisions of spine to be retained from the drop.

If it costs men optimally, as Eyfeleva tower, equally loading muscles, there are no reasons for the formation of painful syndromes.


The reason for the development of painful syndrome is inconvenient position, patient does acquire, when he does lie at the horizontal position? Therefore for the treatment it is necessary to acquire the mass of additional pillows, matratsov.

Furthermore this assumption not is well-off:

because pains in patient appear not during the entire night, but in some specific time. For example, to hour to many three patients they are spilled from the fact that the hands become numb, and then quietly they fill up. But others are spilled from the pain in the lumbar division of spine from five to seven.

Why only short time?

True reason

This is connected with the fact that the activity of the specific meridian of body appears in the specific time of day. During its activity is reduced the tone of the specific skeletal muscles, which support spine and appears the compression of the adjacent vessels and nerves, that also leads to the painful syndrome.


Painful syndromes - this consequence of the traumatization of the branches of cerebrospinal nerves, their irritation lead to the fact that appears the spasm and the shortening of muscles, by them innervated.

Therefore is most effective the use of the therapeutic drug blockades, when the anaesthetizing substances were introduced into the shortened stressed muscles.

This assumption not is well-off because

The diseases of peripheral nervous system are accompanied by reduction in tone and excitability of muscle, arm or leg simply decreases in the volume and its force is lost. Only with the connection of inflammatory process in the nerve tissue appears edema, that also leads to the appearance of painful syndrome.

True reason

Simply in response to reduction in tone and excitability of some muscles the shortening of its antagonists appears; therefore pain appears not in the struck muscles, but in the muscles, located on the opposite side of body or extremity from the struck muscles


At the basis of any reduction in tone and excitability of muscles the disturbance of its innervation from the spinal cord lies; therefore always treatment must be directed toward the restoration of the function of spine, so all illnesses appear as a result of the disturbance of the function of spine.

This assumption not is well-off because:

cerebrospinal nerve does innervate not one, but several muscles why only one muscle does become shortened and unhealthy but, etc., which are innervated by the same cerebrospinal nerve, they do remain painless? For example, the spasm of the small breast muscle, which gives pain in the arm and compressing vessels and nerves of hand, always appears against the background of reduction in the tone of the large breast muscle, which obtains the innervation of one and the same nerves.

True reason:

The muscles, which have one and the same innervation, occur under the suppressing influence of different internal organs. In the case of the disease of internal organ pathologic pulses going from it cause reduction in the muscular tone and excitability of the separate muscle

In order to answer what reason it is the basis of the disease of concrete patient, it is necessary to have feedback with the organism. However, so that today can propose medicine as the reverse answer from the muscle as to learn by doctor "to talk" with the organism of patient, one hundred understand, what reason is the basis of this painful syndrome and what what action will prove to be useful, and what action it will prove to be harmful.

The specialist, who undertook himself the treatment of patient with the painful muscular syndromes of different genesis must for this:

What is applied of kineziologiya.

As is known, life - this is motion. Motion in its different manifestations: from the invisible by the eye of the rhythmical reductions of cell to the gigantic jumps of jumper. Kineziologiya - science, which studies the mechanisms of the formation of motion and reason for its disturbance. Kinezio - motion, Logos - study.

Why precisely the study of motion so is important? Because to any damages or diseases organism reacts by a change in the excitability of muscles and by the disturbance of motion. But when diseases are passed - motion is restored. Muscle - indicator of the disturbance of health and its prosperity.

In contrast to other sciences, kineziologiya are not studied the mechanisms of the appearance of diseases, it does not analyze nature of medical preparations, it evaluates (with the aid of the special clinical tests), as the mechanism of the formation of motion in man is damaged, and that it is necessary to make in order him to restore in this concrete person. Kineziologiya it is called applied, because the estimation of the disturbance of motion can serve as the indicator of any illness and the damages of human body.

The reaction of muscle muscular answer (to any pathology, to any information from the external and internal receptors to one and the same order from the brain) can it is manifested only in the 3rd versions of the reaction of muscle - increase in its sensitivity to the signals of the brain, and hyper-reaction, reduction in its sensitivity to the signals of the brain, excitability, reduction in the sensitivity or the distortion of the perception of signal and reaction.


To all it is known that when we want to report some sad news, we speak: "sit down, 4 to you I want something to say". Why? Because it is widely-known that when appears the emotional stress in man, in it appears the weakness in the feet. And to man it is better immediately preliminarily to sit down. When in man disturbance in the kidneys (inflammatory process, lithogenesis) appears, then patient feels pain in the specific muscles. When man begins to survive, in it appears the trembling in the hands. This also manifestation of the disturbance of the coordination of muscles would seem different manifestations - emotional problem, inflammatory process in the kidneys, and output clinical one. Why? Because all functional systems of organism are directly connected with the muscles, and therefore functional disturbance at any level changes the force of muscle contraction. Why this so is important? Because, studying any systems of organism, studying the diseases of lungs, the liver, kidneys, endocrine system, emotional disturbances, we can to the study of these problems apply analysis or testing of the state of muscles, which are connected with this functional system. Thus, the application of the analysis of muscle contraction during the study of different problem made it possible to create this direction of medicine as applied of kineziologiya.

Information is divided into several titles, so that you would begin the study of this direction of medical activity in that order, which is most convenient for you.